Portable tyre pressure regulator Pneurex

0-12 bar (0-170 psi), Filling hose with single clip-on connector

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The PNEUREX handy high-performance tire pressure regulator is ideal for the first complete inflation of tires.

  • Overpressure-proof precision manometer Ø 80 mm
  • With sturdy aluminum handle and rubber protective cap
  • Single lever operation, calibratible
  • With the single-lever control, which is equally suitable for right-handed and left-handed users, air pressure can be intuitively checked, filled and released directly on the vehicle.
  • Integrated protective mechanisms prevent damage to the pressure gauge in the event of accidental excess pressure.
  • The use of light aluminum alloys and impact-resistant plastics reduces the total weight of the PNEUREX tire regulator to a minimum.
  • Thanks to the 500 mm long filling hose with lever plug nipple, even difficult to access valves can be optimally reached, freedom of movement is always maintained.
  • The tire pressure regulator can be supplied quickly and easily with the suspension eye integrated in the control lever. Tripping hazards caused by hoses lying around are thus avoided.
  • PTB approval: All BLITZ tire pressure regulators are approved by the National Metrological Institute (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) Braunschweig (PTB). BLITZ tire pressure regulators meet the legal calibration requirements that are in place in Germany.
  • With the single lever operation, all operating functions can be called up with one hand: checking, filling and draining.
  • The 80 mm large dial offers plenty of space for generous, easy-to-read labeling.
  • The FLEX4 rubber protective cap reliably protects the mechanics of the precision pressure gauge against external impacts.
  • The integrated kink protection stabilizes the filling hose at the outlet and thus ensures a long service life and significantly less wear.
  • Reading accuracy according to EEC / 86/217


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FeaturesPortable tyre pressure regulator PneurexPortable tyre pressure regulator PneurexPortable tyre pressure regulator Pneurex KombiPortable tyre pressure regulator Pneurex KombiPortable tyre pressure regulator Pneurex 1Portable tyre pressure regulator Pneurex 1
Installation methodmobilemobilemobile
Valve adapter designLever plug nippleLever plug nipple/valve adapter for bicycle tiresGas station plug, double-sided
Calibration possibleYesYesYes
Display designanalogueanalogueanalogue
Manometer diameter80mm80mm80mm
Filling pressure max.12bar12bar12bar
Filling hose length0,5m0,5m0,5m
Deviation / Tolerance86/217/EEC86/217/EEC86/217/EEC
Air supply12bar12bar12bar

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