Portable tyre pressure regulator Pneustar 2 N2

0-10 bar (0-140 psi), for filling with nitrogen, Filling hose with twin hold-on connector

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  • Diagonally positioned precision pressure gauge (Ø 160 mm): Supplies an optimal flow of water. Clearly legible with no reflection.
  • Compressed air storage resevoir: Portable compressed air supply in galvanised design with 6 l filling volume.
  • Replaceable safety disk: The key is an easy-to-use instrument – to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Filling bell and pressure gauge are widely separated: This protects the precision pressure gauge when the tyre pressure regulator is lifted off of the filling mechanism.
  • Ergonomic rubber carrying handle: The easy-to-grip material is specially designed for skin contact and provides pleasant carrying convenience for the tyre pressure regulator.
  • 800-mm-long filling hose: Together with a standard double-sided service station connector, provides optimal access even to valves that are difficult to reach – while your hands always stay clean.
  • Design optimised for weight: Use of light aluminium alloys and impact-resistant plastics reduces the overall weight to a minimum.
  • Protected against excess pressure to 16 bar: Integrated protective mechanisms prevent damage to the pressure gauge if excess pressure is accidentally supplied.
  • Automatically filling mechanism: The resetting device consists of a filling bell and filling valve (matching piece) and serves at the same time as external protection for the tyre pressure regulator.
  • Two-button control: The easy-to adjust control buttons, used for filling and releasing air, are protected against water and dust.
  • PTB approval: All BLITZ tyre pressure regulators are approved by the Germany Federal Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt of Braunschweig (PTB).
  • Elastomer cushioning legs: The cushioning properties of the material protect the pressure gauge when it is set down roughly.
  • Low centre of gravity: This intelligent design feature ensures the unit is highly resistant to tipping over.


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Tech Data

FeaturesPortable tyre pressure regulator Pneustar 2 N2Portable tyre pressure regulator Pneustar 2 N2Portable tyre pressure regulator Pneustar 2Portable tyre pressure regulator Pneustar 2
Installation methodmobilemobile
Valve adapter designGas station plug, double-sidedGas station plug, double-sided
Calibration possibleYesYes
Display designanalogueanalogue
Manometer diameter160mm160mm
Pressure vessel capacity6l6l
Vessel pressure max.16bar16bar
Filling pressure max.10bar10bar
Filling hose length0,8m0,8m
Deviation / Tolerance86/217/EEC86/217/EEC
Air supply10bar10bar

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